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Friday, January 19, 2007

session by Senajit Chaki

1>This organisation has 1356 members and has the ad-line "the world put stock on us". Which organisation?
2>Who is the founder of ORACLE? ---larry elison
3>programming language is GOOGLE developed in? ---Google was developed in AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML)...
4>who was the firs president of International Business Machine
1.Thomas J. Watson2.Philip R. Zimmerman3.Phillip "Don" Estridge4.William Gibson ---Thomas J. Watson
5>wat is generally referred 2 as the three finger exercise in computers ?---Alt+Ctrl+Delete
6> Name the woman with the vital stats 19-19-19?---olive oyl

7> Which company was the first ever to give it's guests the "Red Carpet Treatment"?? --- 20th century fox.
8>what is google death penalty??? ---BMW was recently blacklisted by Google after it was found manipulating the search engine's results. hence the google death penalty was given to BMW.. they were excluded from all google search results
9>X - one of de greatest ever batsman 2 play de game.Y - huge fast bowler.Y was touring X 's country.After smackin enough boundaries...X :"My island,My culture.Don you be staring at me????In my culture we just bowl."Y :(after dismantlin his sticks)"In my culture v jus say f**k off".Identify X and Y. ---The batsman was Viv Richards and the bowler Merv Hughes.
10>connect Toyota , Ferrari , Ford Mustang and Porsche?---All these manufacturers have/had prancing horses in their resp logos.

1>what is The "Cavallino Rampante"?--- the ferrari horse.
2>When one of Indias most technically correct batsmen was commenting in a match in which Farokh Engineer I think it was who had scored a half century, there were lots of ladies in the stands applauding him. So our commentator who had made quite a few in his career asks his co-commentator "Where were they when I was batting ?"
Pat comes the reply "Probably asleep"
Guess who this great batsman for India was ? --- Its Vijay Mankad
3>Which two big companies gave technical support for de movie madagakar??? ---AMD and HP
4>connect Audioslave, SoundGarden and Rage Against the Machine?---chris cornell,ratm is now known as audioslave and Chris(soundgarden vocalist) has replaced Rocha of ratm.
5>connect 30 odd foot Of grunts , gladiator and TOFOG....---Russell Crowe s de LinkHe features in de band TOFOG-Thirty Odd Foot Of GruntsN also de movie Gladiator russel crowe changed the band's name frm ...thirty odd foot of grunts to... the odinary fear of god i.e. TOFOG.
6>foreigners call it as G-jam cos they find it difficult to pronounce.wat's it..?---gulabjamun
7>connect jenny joseph,volney and white-winged pegasus.--- jenny for columbia, volney for mgm n pegasus for tristar.
8>Where does the Wills Navy Cut cigarette brand get its name from?---cigarette was first given to sailors, and they used to get 7 min breaks nad wills was the only cigarette capable of boig smoken in 7 mins....these breaks were called cuts, hence the name
9>we know BC, AD, and even AF in terms of time periods...what is BBY and ABY? ---BBY - Before the Battle of YavinABY - After the Battle of Yavin
10>Connect lawn tennis , the character "ka" and swastika.---Is it Rudyard kipling,
Rudyard Kipling's pseudonym was a swastika, A python in Jungle book by Kipling was Ka, His poem If is at the entrance to Centre Court Wimbledon, the mecca of Lawn Tennis

1. In what variation of kabaddi does a player get revived and comes backto the team?2. What is the Hawaiian word for "Quick"?3. In his book "The World Is Flat" Thomas L. Friedman says that the twobiggest threats to America are Al-Qaeda and what?4. Recently why did an 11-year-old boy send a legal notice to naukri.comclaiming damages of Rs 1 crore?5. Madhusudan Singh are the first 2 names of which contemporarycricketer? (this would have been current affairs a month back, not any longer )6. What is the Japanese for "Single Number"?7. Connect the following - Beibei, Jingjing, Huanhuan, Yingying and Nini.8. Which style of comedy gets its name from a club-like object composedof two wooden slats which, when struck, produced a loud smacking noise.This was used by the actors to strike each other repeatedly with greataudio effect while causing very little actual damage?
-------1. Sanjeevani2. Wiki3. Infosys! 4. He was teased in School as his name was hari, in connection with the HARI SADU ad of naukri.com5. Monty panesar6. I repeat, it is Sudoku7. Mascots of Beijing olympics8. Slapstick

Sunday, February 26, 2006

invitation accepted shall post anything intersting

session by Devasmita Barua

1. The ancient land of "Mesopotamia" was so named from Greek word meaning "land between two rivers". Which Indian word of very similar meaning might be used if Mesopotamia were a state in India?Ans: Doab-for the land between two rivers.
2. Which British island in South Atlantic had to be evacuated in 1961 due to eruption of a volcano?Ans: Tristan da Cunha
3. What is common to lazy daisy, herring bone and couching?Ans: These are all embroidery stiches.
4. Name the specialised agency of United Nations which won 1969 Noble Peace Prize?Ans: The International Labour Organization
5. In Muslim countries other than Iran, how would you identify a First Aid Box?Ans: A white box carrying the symbol of of red crescent instead of red cross.
6. Who said-"What is happening to our young people? They disrespect their elders, disobey their parents. They riot in the street inflamed with wild notions. Their morals are decaying, what is to become of them?"Ans: Plato
7. Whay had Henry Morgan, Edward Tech and Capt. Kidd in common?Ans: They were all pirates.
8. What is ailurophobia?Ans: Fear from cats
9. Which flag is known as "Old Glory"?Ans: Flag of U.S.A
10. Which animal lives in a nest called drey?Ans: Squirrel
11. What is a baby giraffe called?Ans: Fawn
12. Which city is known as "Pearl of Orient"?Ans: Singapore
13. What is known as Gametophobia?Ans: Fear from marraige
14. Between which two countries do the SALT talks take place and what is their purpose?Ans: Strategic Artms Limitation Talks which have been conducted between U.S.A and U.S.S.R aimed at halting the manufacture of deadliest nuclear weapons.
15. In painting what is known as 'chiaroscuro'?Ans: The technique of using light & shade.
16. Name the saven dwarfs who looked after Snow White?Ans: Grumpy, Doc, Sleepy, Happy, Dopey, Sneezy and Bashful
17. Who qouted "No one but the brave deserve the fair"?Ans: John Dryden, an English poet.
18. From which country a person speaking Esperanto would have come?Ans: No particular country. It is the name of an artificial language invented by Dr. L.L. Zamenhof of Poland and was intended for international use.
19. What is meant by "Dog days"?Ans: A sultry period.
20. What was the Greek name for the Goddess of Love & Beauty?Ans: Aphrodite.

session by Tamoghna Saha and Prasenjit Ghosh

1. Color of Black Box is orange. Then why is it called a Black Box?Ans: Dr. David Warren of Aeronautical Rasearch Lab invented the Black Box in 1958. He always carried a miniature voice recorder with him. The model of the voice recorder was Black-X of Sony. So he got the idea to name his invention as Black Box.
2. Officially there are seven classical dance forms surviving from ancient India. With referrence to the regons from where they come Kerala holds a special place. Why?Ans: Kathakali & Mohini Attam are the two dance forms. Both are from Kerala. Others- Bharat Natyam (Tamil Nadu), Kuchipudi (Andhra Pradesh), Odissi (Orissa), Kathak (Uttar Pradesh), Manipuri (Manipur).
3. In Kathakali all the dancers are specified into three classes during a performance. What are they?Ans: Satvik (Godly), Rajashik (heroic). Tamashik (Demonic).
4. When it was started in Britain its name was 'Bardot', its Australian counterpart was named 'Hearsay'. Name the Indian counterpart.Ans: Viva-these are all the girl's band launched by Channel-V in different countries.
5. Connect 14th Feb and the numbers 51 & 8?Ans: Antimony (Sb), [Atomic No. 51] & Oxygen (O) [Atomic No. 8] forms a compound Valentinite [Sb2O3]
6. A Bharatnatyam dancers moods are expressed by 'rasas'. Nine in all. Name them.Ans: Hasya- happiness, Krodha- anger, Bhayanaka- fear, Shoka- sorrow, Veera- carraige,Shanta- serenity and Bhibasta- disgust.
7. Why does a whip make a characteristic cracking sound?Ans: The tip of the whip moves at a supersonic speed causing a miniature sonic boom.
8. In 'Cherry Tree Lane ' lives a world famous Governess. Who is she?Ans: Mary Poppins
9. It started as the 'Daily Univarsal Register' way back in 1785. It still survives & flourishes in what name?Ans: 'The Time'- magazine.
10. What does 'Anthrapophagy' mean?Ans: Cannibalism or Human Flesh Eating, [Silence of the Lambs]
11. He was born as Max Peshkunov. Due to hard struggles in his life he changed his surname to a word which literally means 'bitter' in Russia. Who is he?Ans: Maxim Gorky.
12. He wanted his work to be named as 'All well that ends well'. He changed it at the insistence of his publisher. It went to become a classsic masterpiece. Name the book & author?Ans:War & Peace by Leo Tolstoy.
13. Tuscan, Ionic, Doric, Cornithian & Composite are the types of what?Ans: Pillars of Greek architechture.
14. Who is the only man ever to have modelled for 'Lux' soap?Ans: Paul Newman..
15. Among Walt Disney's 35 Oscars won between 1931 and 1969, the won he received in 1938 was very special. Why was it so?Ans: He received Oscar for the film Snow White & Seven Dwarfs. So he received a normal sized Oscar and seven small ones.
16. "Out beyond question or wrangle, Homeward he lurched to his lunch, His bat was tucked up at an angle; His great shoulders curved to a hunch"Which legendary part time cricketer and full time author wrote this short piece?Ans: Sir Arthur Conan Doyale
17. Tagline of which ad- "Because you worth it"Ans: L'Oreal, Paris
18. Tagline of which ad- "Take a different route"Ans: Samsonite
19. "Become what you are" -Which ad has this quotation?Ans: Lacoste 20. Nina Blackwood, Mark Goodman, Alan Hunter, J.J. Jackson & Martha Quinn were the pioneers in their profession. What is their claim to fame?Ans : They were the first VJs (Video Jockey) of MTV when it was first launched in 1981.
21. Russel Crowe is also a member of a Rock Band. The name of the band suggests why he was so apt for the role of Gladiator. Name the band.Ans: 30 odd foot of Grunts.
22. The James Bond movies are produced by EoN productions. Wnat does EoN stand for?Ans: Everything or Nothing.
23. Who was the referee of 422nd Quidditch World Cup?Ans: Hasan Mostafa of Egypt.
25. Chester, Cornwall, Rothesay, Carrick, Renfrew, The Isles, Scotland. What is missing in the list?Ans: Wales. These are all the places which a present a title to the crown prince of England i.e.Earl of Chester, Duke of Cornwall, Duke of Rothesay, Earl of Carrick, Baron of Renfrew, Lord of The Isles, Great Steward of Scotland and Prince of Wales.
26. Juggling; Stabbing; Spinbacks; Flares; Orbits; Crabs; Transforming; Rubs; Echoes. They are types of what?Ans: Disc Jockey Operations.
27. Which british cricketer's cricket crazy parents named their son such that their initials were M.C.C.?Ans: Michael Colin Cowdrey
28. The original name of this game was 'Sphairistrike'. Now it is a world fomous game. Name it.Ans: Lawn Tennis
29. Loebner Prize is awarded annually to special kind of software. But sadly no software ever has received the first prize. Why so?Ans: The best A.I. conversation programme wins the prize. To be the 1st you got to take the "Turing's Test' and succeed.
30. From where did the word Trivia originate?Ans: In ancient Greece, to learn the seven liberal arts [the main study], some people learned the trivium [Grammar, Rhetoric & Logic] As this subjects were of little importance, they were called Trivium. From there trivia.
31. The Japanese movie version of this famous play is 'Ran' directed by Akiro Kurosava. There was a change of genders of the main characters from the original play. Name the original one.Ans: King Lear.
32. There was reportedly 542000 French & 434000 German at the war in this place in World War 2. Name the place.Ans: Verdun [North East France]
1. When 'Backstreet Boys' started, it was with three members. Later it became a Five membered band. Who were the original three?Ans: Howie Dorough, AJ McLean, Nick Carter. [Kevin Richardson & Brian Little joined in 1993]
2. Which two not to famous bands combined to form 'Guns n Roses'?Ans: Los Angeles Guns & Hollywood Roses
3. 'The Glimmer Twins' writes songs for Rolling Stones & many other solo artistes. Who are the twins?Ans: Mick Jagger & Keith Richards
4. Ozzy Osborne, Toni Iommi & Geezer Butler are the band members of 'Black Sabbath' What are their real first names?Ans: John, Frank and Terence respectively.
5. He was lead singer/actor in the movie 'Pink Floyds The Wall'. He also started a charity service 'Feed the World' and he is also the lead singer of British Rock n Roll band 'Boom Town Rats'. Who is he?Ans: Bob Geldoff.
6. How did the band 'Pink Floyd' get its name?Ans: Syd Barrett, one of the original combined the names of two blues singer of Georgia of that time- 'Pink' Anderson & 'Floyd' Council.
7. Which was the first released album of Metallica?Ans: It is "Kill 'Em All" - not the generally known 'Ride The Lightning'. It was first released in 1983. It was supposed to be named "Metal Up Your Ass". It was re-released in 1988.
8. 'U2'-the Irish band, at first thought of going by this name. Later they changed to their present name. What was their earlier name?Ans: The Hype.

session by Senajit Chaki

----------------------------------------ROUND 1 (GENERAL) :-----------------------------------------1) What does CRO stand for (on the lines of BPO,KPO..)? A. Clinical Research Outsourcing 2) Which company is going to come out with its second PO coinciding with the centenary celebrations of Einstein's Theory of Relativity? A. Google
3)"When fashion world meets the underworld...all hell breaks to make ----"- goes punchline of which latest Bollywood movie ? A : Boom
4) Which company now owns the following car brands: Jaguar, Volvo, Aston Martin, Mazda, Land Rover, Lincoln? A : Ford Motors
5) Which logo (emblem, sign, design) has been chosen by the most number of people in the world to be tattooed on their body? A : The Harley Davidson Logo.
6) Star Footballer Baichung Bhutia is making his film debut in which Bengali movie? A : Kuasha
7) What is the Duryodhana Award given for? A : The most violent film of the year (awarded on 8 March)
8) Which personality of the entertainment industry is associated with Golden Harvest Productions? A : Jackie Chan
----------------------------ROUND 2 (BIZ) :-----------------------------
1) Who is the CEO of AMD?Ans:Hector Ruiz,(co founder of AMD is Jerry Sanders).
2) Who is the founder of Playboy magazine?Ans: Hugh Hefner ( His three girlfriends are Holly Madison,Bidget Marquette,Kendra Wi;kinson).
3) When he was 11,he started playing the stock market,he started betting on horses a year latter,by high school he started a business of pinball machine with a friend & started earning $50 a week,now he is going to take special classes for IIT. Who i'm talking about?Ans: Warren Buffet (2nd richest person according to forbes,prop $44 billion).
4) "Smoothness above all else"- is the slogan of which product?Ans: State Express-555 cigarettes
5) America has two stock indices,these are NASDAC & Dow Jones.What is the index in Japan?Ans: Nikkei.
6) To whom is the following quote attributed: “I have done more than anybody else to change the face of mankind.” A : King Camp Gillette.
7) Currently the head of Lucent Technologies system S/W R & D,this guy is credited with the creation of the two most important objects in the field of software. A : Dennis Ritchie.C and Unix
8) Avinash Bajaj & Suvir Sujan,2 Harvard Busines School classmates started this hugely popular website.what? A :
----------------------------------------------ROUND 3 (LITERATURE) :-----------------------------------------------
1) Connect; The Greek Interpreter,The Bruce-Partington Plans,The Final Problem. A : Only 3 Sherlock Holmes stories with Mycroft Holmes.
2) "No reader interest." was the judgement of London publisher W.H.Allen on this book. To date it has sold more than 10 million copies. Name it and the author. A : The Day of The Jackal by Frederick Forsyth.
3) At the age of 14, he was sent to Rugby School in England. He continued his studies at King’s College, Cambridge where he read history. After graduating in 1968, he worked for the Pakistani TV industry. From 1971 to 1981, he worked intermittently as a freelance advertising copywriter for Ogilvy and Mather. Identify him. A : Salman Rushdie.
4) "The only demand I make of my reader is that he should devote his whole life to reading my works." A : James Joyce
5) Whose autobiography was originally titled "Screw it: Lets do it" A : Richard Branson,'Losing My Virginity'
6) What's common to the foll names - "Harry Potter and the Mudblood Revolt", "Harry Potter and the Quest of the Centaur", "Harry Potter and the Alchemist's Cell", "Harry Potter and the Pyramids of Furmat", "Harry Potter and the Chariots of Light"? A : All the five are names that have been copyrighted by Warner Bros. which has given rise to the speculation that any of these might be possible titles for the future HP books.
7) Who writes poetry under pseudonym Mr. De villie? A : Count Dracula
8) What provides the setting for many of the songs of Led Zeppelin like 'The Battle Of Evermore', 'Ramble On', 'Misty Mountain Hop'etc... A : JRR Tolkien's 'Lord of the Rings'.
---------------------------------------ROUND 4 ( GENERAL):----------------------------------------
1) Which term was coined by a Berlin Postal Official just because the word "Geheime Staats polizei" was too long to fit in a regulation size rubber stamp? A : GESTAPO
2) Born in Austria.Nazi's condemned his work as jewish porno & demanded 20000 lbs when he requested to move to england. Prince George of England paid the money for him.He was once hired by Warner Bros. as a technical adviser. A : Sigmund Freud
3) Which Nobel prize winner described the prize as “Alfred Nobel’s other mistake”? A : RICHARD FEYNMANN
4) The name of which element is derived from the Greek word for 'male'? A : Arsenic
5) He loved the novel "Reflections in a _______ ________" by Carson McCullers.So he named his holiday home after it.Later the name was immortalised in a movie title.Who n wat movie? A : Golden Eye;Ian Fleming
6) Which fictional character was inspired by Hiram Bangham,a Yale proffessor who later went on to become to US Senator and a State Governor?(He discoverd the ruins of Machu Pichu)A : Indiana Jones
7) Date: 5th December, 2001; Venue: Seoul, South Korea; Participants: 389 players from 37 countries; Prize Money: US $ 300000. What are we referring to? A : It was the world’s first ever Cyber-Olympics.
8) The CEO of Wilshire Associates is a very famous man,but not as the usual businessman.Who is he? A : Dennis Tito